MarketGauge Asset Management, LLC (MGAM) is a registered investment adviser with the State of New Mexico.  

At MGAM, we combine our experience and market insights to create our proprietary quant-driven investment models utilizing advanced trading technology to create and deliver superior performance through a family of funds. 

We have both fully automated and discretionary investment models and services that can give our clients customized exposure to the major trends and themes in the financial markets.  

Our management team has over 85 years of experience navigating financial markets, ranging from highly successful floor trading on all the New York commodity exchanges to creating sophisticated automated trading systems for top-tier asset managers and institutions as well as running money for one of the world’s largest hedge funds. 

Markets are constantly changing, evolving, and accelerating. We specialize in an active approach that is designed to respond and navigate through these changing environments.

For additional information about any of the models or other investment opportunities with MGAM, please contact us at: